Delivery and payment

Payment methods

There is 3 payment methods for our buyers:

Bitcoin (BTC), MoneyGram, Western Union

The simplest way to pay is Bitcoin (BTC) because it processed immediately after payment is done. Please make sure to transfer money exactly to Bitcoin BTC!

Read about the ordering process here

You have 2 days to finish your payment for the order. After that, you must create the new order checkout via a website and receive new payment details from an operator.

If you choose to pay with Western Union or MoneyGram, you have to visit personally one of your financial offices or bank branches and provide your money transfer.

When an order is 1000$ or more, proof of ID will be required. Our operator will help split payment.

Please make sure to transfer money to the exact name (first and last name) we provide you after you submit your order. Send your payment in USD.

Transfer money for commercial purposes is not allowed, tell them you send money to a close relative or a friend who is in need. Remember, they don't even have a right to ask you about the purpose of money transfer abroad.

After sending payment and getting reference number|MTCN (money control number) you have to send it to the operator for confirmation.

Shipping And Delivery

We ship all parcels with the registered airmail every 3-4 days. Flat rate is 25$. Ordinary parcel requires 7-12 working days for arrival to the USA and for West European orders delivery can take 10-14 days.

Very rarely, due to post service, orders can be delayed up to 20-21 working days.

We split to small packages every big parcel.

Reshipping policy

We take all necessary measures, if some orders may be seized at customs or returned as undeliverable. In order to investigate the problem connect via email with us. Please make sure to include your order reference in the mail. We reship only 1 time.

Warning! Undeliverable orders being returned because of an incorrect address indicated by a customer will not be re-shipped.

Warning! We never re-shipping orders to the following countries:

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Pakistan, Canada, Egypt

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