Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

You’ve come to the right place! You can find answers in our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Don’t find the answer you are looking for? Write to our customer support. Our operator will write back to you ASAP.

Why I should buy steroids online?icon

Today It is the safe and discreet way. Via the internet, we can offer you the best prices that you never find on the domestic black market or at the gym (gym dealer) with that product quality.

How I can trust your company?icon

We in business, from 2008. Muscleroids based in Moldova. We cooperate with the main pharmaceutical factories directly. We developed our own logistics and payment algorithms in Eastern Europe. We don't need to buy our reputation on all main forums, customer testimonials, etc like other. New customers become our loyal buyers.

How can I place an order?icon

We have a very easy checkout process, but you must be careful with filled data. Check twice all your delivery information. Read more here.

Can I pay with another cryptocurrency?icon

For now, we ONLY use Bitcoin (BTC). (!)Not "Super Bitcoin", "Bitcoin Platinum", "Bitcoin Cash", "Bitcoin Silver", "Bitcoin Uranium" or "Bitcoin God". ONLY Bitcoin (BTC).

What shipping options are available for the USA?icon

We ship with the registered airmail. It is the best way for now. Not only our company using this method btw.

25 $ shipping price for all countries?icon

Yes, 25 $, except for few countries. The operator will inform in time if this is happening.

What is the minimum order amount?icon


Whom do I must send money to?icon

After checkout, the operator provides you with an exact name and city to transfer money to. Notice: name and city of a recipient can be from the Republic of Moldova, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine. Payment should be sent in USD.

ID necessary for payment?icon

NO, ID is necessary only when you transfer an order over $1000 via MoneyGram and Western Union. But we always can split your payment into several parts. Operator ready for that.

How do I send cash?icon

Read more here.

Do I need to fill every time my info for ordering?icon

No, if you registered user. Also on demand, we can convert your account from "guest" to "customer". You can view your orders by entering "my account" at the top of the page.

How fast ships products?icon

We ship by schedule every 3-4 days after payment clearance. For payment confirmation, we need 1 business day.

When will my order arrive?icon

Read full information about delivery here

What is better to use, P. O. Box or my home address?icon

It is advisable to use a home address. If you don't have it you can rent a Personal Mailbox. In this situation, the address on the letter will be similar to a home address or you can rent a P.O. BOX.

What capacity should my P. O. Box be?icon

If you own a large postal box it will be possible for you to collect your parcel even at night when other P. O. Box Store is closed.
When your box is small for the parcel, the store usually calls you to notify about the parcel arrival and drop a claim slip in the box.
So you can't use a small box like, after hours.

When should I feel worried if my parcel hasn't come yet?icon

You have tracking number after shipping, you able to see where exactly your parcel is. The operator always stays in touch with you.

Why don't I get any answers to my emails?icon

Please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes your mail service can deliver emails to a SPAM folder.
Problem email services, for now, is AOL and Yahoo.

In case you get something wrong contact with us via emailicon

Customer happiness is our priority, we do our best to fix any issues. Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or chat.