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Written By Josh (muscleroids)
Medically Reviewed by Dr. C Mikulovic

The active ingredient (AI) in the product: Testosterone compound

Testosterone Acetate 32mg/ml

Testosterone Decanoate 147 mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate 73mg/ml

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 73mg/ml

Testosterone Cypionate125mg/ml

The price is for 10ml

Amount of active substance: 450mg/ml

Short description

Active substanceBrand names, Trade names, and Synonyms
Testosterone compound Estandron, Hexadex, Hexadex 450, Pentadex, Supertest, Supertest 450, Sust 270, Susta 500, Testosterone compound


produced by SP Laboratories (SP Labs, SP)
from Moldova
BOX,PACK 10 ml vial, with 450 mg ml
SUBSTANCE Testosterone compound
acne? yes
water-retention? yes
high blood pressure? little chance
hepatotoxicity? no
aromatization? yes
half-life continuity 7-8 days
recommended basic dosage 450-900 mg week
weight gain (1...10) 10
losing fat & cutting (1...10) 8
endurance and strength (1...10) 10


Supertest 450 10ml is an injectable steroid compound. The steroid mix consists of 5 testosterone esters: Testosterone Acetate, Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Cypionate.

Each type of testosterone includes a different release rate, which enables to keep a continuously higher level of anabolic hormones inside your blood for any month also it implies that there's you don't need to perform frequent injections.

The steroid functions the same as every testosterone ester increases muscles, it's anticatabolic action, elevated appetite, endurance, and libido.

Like every ester of testosterone in the mix, Supertest converts into estrogens. That is why it's important to use PCT: Anti-estrogens, preferably Aromatase Inhibitors, to prevent negative effects for example gynecomastia, swelling, fat deposition and depression of producing own testosterone.

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Pack 10ml vial


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