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Testosterone C 10ml vial for sale

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Written By Josh (muscleroids)
Medically Reviewed by Dr. C Mikulovic

The active ingredient (AI) in the product: Testosterone Cypionate

The price is for 1 vial * 10 ml

Amount of active substance: 200 mg/ml

Short description

Active substanceBrand names, Trade names, and Synonyms
Testosterone Cypionate Cypinoate, CypioJect 200, Cypionate 200, Cypionax, Cypiotest, Cytex 250, PharmaTest-C, SP Cypionate, T-Cypionat, Testabol Depot, Testaplex C, Testex Elmu Prolongatum, Testex Prolongatum, TestoCyp, Testocypol, Testoged-C, Testosterona C, Testosteron-C, Testosterone C, Testosterone Cypionate, Testotek-C, Testover C, X-Cypionat


muscle-mass (Rank 1 - 10) 9
cutting (Rank 1 - 10) 6
strength (Rank 1 - 10) 9
manufacturing company Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
company from India
pack: 10 ml vial (200mg ml)
substance Testosterone Cypionate
threat of acne yes
retention of water  yes
threat of high blood pressure Small chance
hepatotoxicity (hepatic toxicity) no
effect of aromatization yes
half-life of substance 7-8 days
normal dosage men 200-800 mg week


Results of Radjay Testosterone C 10ml (Testosterone Cypionate) would be the following:

  • a significant rise of muscles
  • raised endurance and strength
  • positive effect on the joints, as a result of a moderate retention of water in your body
  • operative and full-fledged improvement of the athlete's recovery process

Radjay Testosterone C provides a significant rise in muscles and strength. But because of the chance of water retention, this steroid not useful in precompetitive preparation or cutting. Testosterone C includes a long action, it can last for two days.

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Pack 10ml vial
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