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Written By Josh (muscleroids)
Medically Reviewed by Dr. C Mikulovic

The active ingredient (AI) in the product: Testosterone Cypionate

The price is for 10 amp * 1 ml

Amount of active substance: 200 mg/ml

Short description

Active substanceBrand names, Trade names, and Synonyms
Testosterone Cypionate Cypinoate, CypioJect 200, Cypionate 200, Cypionax, Cypiotest, Cytex 250, PharmaTest-C, SP Cypionate, T-Cypionat, Testabol Depot, Testaplex C, Testex Elmu Prolongatum, Testex Prolongatum, TestoCyp, Testocypol, Testoged-C, Testosterona C, Testosteron-C, Testosterone C, Testosterone Cypionate, Testotek-C, Testover C, X-Cypionat


muscle-mass (Rank 1 - 10) 9
cutting (Rank 1 - 10) 6
strength (Rank 1 - 10) 9
manufacturing company Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
company from India
pack: 10 * 1 ml amp (200mg ml)
substance Testosterone Cypionate
threat of acne yes
retention of water yes
threat of high blood pressure Small chance
hepatotoxicity (hepatic toxicity) no
effect of aromatization yes
half-life of substance 7-8 days
normal dosage men 200-800 mg week


Radjay Testosterone C 1 ml cycle involves one injection each week by having an individually selected optimal dosage. After finishing the reception of Radjay Testosterone C, excess water in the body is going to be progressively removed, departing clean muscles.

The relatively low cost for Testosterone C and it is an effective anabolic effect cause active curiosity about the steroid among experienced bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifters. Radjay Testosterone Cypionate is a concentrated oily solution for injection with a significant weight gain effect.

Usually, professionals buy Radjay Testosterone C to supplement an individually selected cycle for complex effect on muscle growth.

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Pack 10x1ml stack
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