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Short Steroids Glossary

Short Steroids Glossary

Short Steroids Glossary

Steroids - synthetic substances, applied to increase muscle mass or increase performance characteristics.

Anabolic-androgenic - pharmaceutical term for the medicine identified as steroids.

Synthetic hormone - an artificial substance, which in the human body mimics the body's own natural hormones.

Hormone - a substance generated by the human body, which influences growth and metabolism processes.

Muscle - tissues formed up of fibers, which function is to produce force and motion.

Prescribed medicine - when a doctor gives consent for a person to use a pharma substance.

Impotence - the disability in a sexual function of a man.

Lean muscle - non-fatty fibrous muscles.

Jaundice - appearing yellowish in color, usually due to weak liver function.

Water or fluid retention - when the human body is retaining extra fluid.

Tumors - any cancerous, abnormal, or uncontrolled growth detected in the body.

Muscle mass - the amount of tissue formed of fibers gained on the body.

Bulking - increasing your mass with steroids and caloric intake.

Cutting - the process of losing fat you accumulated during your bulk, combined steroids with a caloric deficit.