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Written By Josh (muscleroids)
Medically Reviewed by Dr. C Mikulovic

The active ingredient (AI) in the product: Oxandrolone

The price is for 100 tabs

Amount of active substance: 10 mg

Short description

Active substanceBrand names, Trade names, and Synonyms
Oxandrolone 53-39-4, Anavar, Anavarged, Anvarol, Bonavar, Glonavar, Lonavar, Ossandrolone, Osteovar, Oxa, Oxacaps, Oxadrol, Oxa-Med, Oxan, Oxanabol, Oxanatabs, Oxandrin, Oxandro Tablets, Oxandroland, Oxandrolon, Oxandrolona, Oxandrolone, Oxandrolone Bayer, Oxandrolone LA, Oxandrolone Tablets, Oxandrolonos, Oxandrolonum, Oxandroplex, Oxanotabs, Oxasim, Oxavar, Oxaver, Protivar, Provitar, Var, Vasorome, Xanodrol, Xtendrol


Manufacturer Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals SRL
Made in Republic of Moldova
Packing form 100 tabs (10mg tab)
Active substance Oxandrolone
Appearance of acne Rare occasions
Appearance of water retention no
Appearance of High Blood Pressure no
Hepatic toxicity low
Aromatization effect no
Half life time 9 hours
Dosage typical Men 30-50 mg day
Muscle-mass influence (from 1 to 10) 2
Cutting rating (from 1 to 10) 8
Strength gain (from 1 to 10) 7


EPF Anavarged 10mg increases speed and stamina. Bodybuilders have several reasons for using Oxandrolone.

A beginner athlete who fears anabolic steroids with known side effects may choose EPF Anavarged 10mg for the first cycle. It also often used by professional athletes.

Bodybuilders with significant experience in the using of anabolic steroids use Oxandrolone as an unloading steroid after powerful steroids. Another reason is cutting before competitions. In this case, the cycle includes several other steroids, an extension to Oxandrolone.

The most valuable property of Oxandrolone is its ability to raise the shredded look and hardness of the muscles.

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Pack 100 tabs
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